Why live in Megaworld at the Fort? Here’s the 4 Best Things.

Real Estate investment is not a simple decision one can make overnight. Unlike consumer products in the market, real estate investment requires careful consideration before signing a reservation agreement and making your first payment.

Here are 4 reasons why investing in a Megaworld at the Fort property is the best choice for you.


1. You live in one of the best locations in Metro Manila

Image courtesy of KMC Mag Group

Image courtesy of KMC Mag Group

Living in Fort Bonifacio is a rare privilege that a selected few are able to attain as owning a piece of Fort Bonifacio property is a status symbol. The main reasons why Fort Bonifacio is considered a prime location in Metro Manila are its master development plan, strategic location, and surrounding establishments. Fort Bonifacio is home to Bonifacio Global City—primed to be the Philippines’ next central business district.

Fort Bonifacio Map

Surrounding establishments also play a crucial role to Fort Bonifacio’s value upsurge. Before BGC’s development, Forbes Park made its mark in  as the exclusive home of the elite class. Its notable institutions such as the Manila Polo Club, Manila Golf & Country Club, and Forbes Park Village have set a standard in defining what a Manila Elite is through their stringent membership process.

Location-wise, Fort Bonifacio is surrounded by major highways such as EDSA, SLEX, and C5. A quick look at the map shows you exactly how strategic Megaworld at The Fort township locations are. Located near multiple entrance and exit points of Fort Bonifacio, Megaworld at The Fort townships give you the advantage of leaving and entering the city in the fastest way possible.


2. You are away from the urban traffic scene

Image lifted from https://thefortprimeliving.wordpress.com/mckinley-hill/

One of the biggest challenges of Metro Manila today is traffic. As public transport and infrastructure problems continue to bog down a daily commuter’s travel itinerary, people result to purchasing their own vehicles as a solution. Little do they know that the growth in private vehicle ownership further contributes to the regular traffic jams we experience. With more transportation woes ahead, people are burdened to relocate to more convenient locations in order to save them from this problem. Megaworld at the Fort townships present a practical solution to this problem by simply building everything a person needs around them; whether it be an office, a mall, a restaurant or a school, the township provides everything for you. Just think—no need for commutes, no rush hour jams, no long lines, no extra expenses. A five minute walk will be everything you need!


3. You can choose a life you want

Uptown Bonifacio life

Uptown Bonifacio Artist Impression

A typical stand-alone condominium would provide a resident with a unit, amenities, services, and perhaps other tangible perks on the side— things that make a condominium worth living in. Townships on the other hand go beyond just providing condos worth living in; townships offer everything you need in life such as offices, schools, homes, restaurants, leisure centers, and more. Having these things make a Megaworld at The Fort condo worth having a LIFE in; and that adds value to the investment you have made. With each township’s worldly inspiration, you also get to be in an environment you desire. From the laid back set-up of Forbes Town Center, to the fast-paced dynamic atmosphere of Uptown Bonifacio; truly, you are free to choose the life you want in any Megaworld at The Fort township.



4. Closer to Everything

120112 adc 7 Mr. Andrew Tan of Megaworld , photo by August dela Cruz

120112 adc 7 Mr. Andrew Tan of Megaworld , photo by August dela Cruz

Imagine yourself at the center of everything—wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place where you can do everything you need to for only a few steps worth? Though the practicality of living in a township is the property’s main value proposition, Megaworld goes beyond the numbers in encouraging township life. Being in a township is more than just having life’s necessities built around you—it’s also about having the most important things closer to you. Life is not just defined by career success, savings, accomplishments, and other tangible things that a person acquires over time—it is about the journey one takes in creating their story. Megaworld plays a vital role to each person’s story by being the avenue where the story is created in. By surrounding you with the things that matter most, writing your story has just become much simpler, and better.

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